Training Programs

Our Core Curriculum

The integration of multiple bodywork modalities is one of the characteristics that distinguishes a career at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts.

We train therapists to consider each client’s treatment holistically, and to have a range of bodywork solutions that they can apply in a single therapy session, or in a course of long-term treatment.

Offering greater options to our students will prepare them for a lifelong and ever-expanding career in bodywork, and they, in turn, can provide clients with treatment that is more sympathetic to their clients’ needs.

For our Dual Program, the Massage and Polarity programs occur successively. Combining these two programs will mean successive and not concurrent enrollment.

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Massage Therapy

Massage continues to be the most competitive and well-known bodywork modality. Our students learn, explore, and practice in an environment that honors their minds, bodies and spirits.

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Somatic Polarity Therapy

Somatic Polarity is a comprehensive healing modality that combines deep physical and energetic work to create ease and health in the body, mind, and spirit. Our Somatic Polarity Program is one of the most in-depth and sought after in the country.

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Dual Massage & Polarity Therapy

At NMAHA we emphasize the need for a well-rounded education in one or more healing arts and sciences. Our Dual Program incorporates Massage and Polarity into one program that prepares students for an expansive, life-long career in bodywork.

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